Prunus persica 'Hardired'

Hardired Nectarine

  • Sweet, juicy nectarines mid summer
  • Pink flowers in spring
  • Low, spreading habit

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  • Size: #10 5-6'
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(Semi-Dwarf) Many beginning gardeners are interested in growing their own fruits but are a bit timid trying fruit trees worrying they might fail. 'Hardired' is one fruit tree that is perfect for the beginner backyard orchardist because it's productive, reliable and virtually carefree: it's one tree that makes it easy to succeed! This sturdy, self-pollinating Nectarine was developed in Canada so you know it's tough and hardy enough to stand up to some winter cold. Its medium sized fruits are firm with a delicious, sweet flavor, yellow flesh and 90% red skin. Fruit is harvested early to mid August and can be used for canning, baking or eating right off the tree. Thin early and aggressively in the fruit maturing process for the largest sized fruits at harvest. 'Hardired' is not only a great producer of fruit, its handsome foliage and fragrant pink flowers in the spring make for a great landscape tree as well. Plant it in full sun and on higher ground to avoid late blossom killing frosts.

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Growing Tips for Prunus persica 'Hardired'

Performs best in full sun with evenly moist conditions.