Prunus 'Satsuma'

Satsuma Plum

Medium to large, round, dark red fruit with a small pit. The firm, juicy fruit has a sweet and levely flavor that is excellent for frest eating, cooking, canning or preserves. It ripens in early to mid-season.

  • Dark red fruit from July to August
  • Firm, juicy, sweet flesh
  • Pollinates with Burbank

  • Category: Fruit Tree, Edibles
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-8
  • Height: 10-15 ft
  • Spread: 10-14 ft

Purchase options for Satsuma Plum

  • Size: #7 5-6'
  • Status: BeautiFULL
  • Availability: In Stock


(Semi-Dwarf) Here is a Plum that looks as good as it tastes! Youll marvel at this Japanese Plums outstanding color with striking red skin that looks beautiful on the tree at maturity in mid-August. The real revealtion comes when you cut open one of these beauties...its firm, red flesh is incredibly juicy and very sweet tasting as it melts in your mouth! It would be hard to find anything better tasting right off the tree fresh butSatsuma is versatile enough to be just as tasty when cooked or preserved. The real bonus of this medium sized fruit is the fact its pit is far smaller than many Plum varieties giving you even more sweet flesh to greedily consume. Satsuma is vigorous and easy to grow and needs another Japanese Plum selection to pollinate it in order to set fruit.

Foliage Color
Maintenance and Care
No Deadheading
Goodness Grows Edibles
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Late Spring
Full Sun
Soil Moisture
Moist, Well-Drained