Pyrus pyrifolia ''Shinseiki''

Shinseiki Asian Pear

  • Vigorous producer
  • Sturdy form
  • One of the best Asian Pear selection
  • Sweet and crisp fruit
  • Great storage life

Purchase options for Shinseiki Asian Pear

  • Size: #7 4-5'
  • Status: BeautiFULL
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Size: #10 5-6'
  • Status: BeautiFULL
  • Availability: In Stock


This self-fruiting Asian Pear flowers in early spring and loads up with small fruit that matures in late August with pale yellow, white fleshed fruit that is sweet, firm, crisp, and juicy. Great fresh and a very long keeper in storage.

Foliage Color
Attracts Wildlife
Supports Bees
Flower Color
Full Sun
Growing Tips for Pyrus pyrifolia ''Shinseiki''

Thrives in full sun.  Feed yearly with an organic fertilizer. Prune in late winter to remove weak, crossing or dead branches to improve airflow for fruit ripening.